Time is leaking out of my Laptop

They say time is a constant but is that really true? Back in April when I was in a side-room on a Ward following my Beetroot episode I mused on whether time ran at the same rate in the side-room as it did on the main Ward. I have pondered this again this week. There are other times when time drags – or slips away. And it’s not just the minutes and seconds causing grief. Tracking whole days can be a challenge – I have had to think really hard to work out that today (or yesterday, or even the day before that by the time you read this) is Wednesday. With a day in bed and normal routines aborted the week had completely lost its shape, but now that schools are back it might start to make sense again. Continue reading “Time is leaking out of my Laptop”

You look well

Over the past week or so I have had people saying “You look well” which people have been saying all year, and then they go on to say “better than the last time I saw you“. This threw me a bit. Had I not looked well when they last said I looked well (so do I really look well now or are they just being nice)? Or is it just different shades of looking well? Continue reading “You look well”