More musings

In my last post I mentioned the change in emphasis in the tagline. I didn’t mention the blog title where I have been deliberately vague with “Tim’s pc journey” – what does pc stand for? However changing the order here (to “PC Tim’s Journey”) would seriously change the meaning and have me impersonating a Police Constable! Continue reading “More musings”

Woolly thinking and Wollongong Snails

Before I get on to woolly thinking and the destruction of the English language I have some news just in from ‘down under’. A new class of molecules adapted from the white rock sea snail  could help fight off cancer cells, according to new research from the University of Wollongong and the Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute. Of course it is early days and it could be five to ten years before any new drugs are available.  These new molecules killed 100% of drug-resistant lab-grown cancer cells in 48 hours, ten times the effectiveness in the same time of one existing chemotherapy drug used against breast cancer. Continue reading “Woolly thinking and Wollongong Snails”

Plain English? – never heard of it!

Last week I did my “Secretary-at-a-distance” duties for two of the committees I have taken a sabbatical from. This involved sending out the minutes that another member of the committee had written and writing and sending out a Newsletter. Kept me busy for a day or two (stuffing envelopes takes too long – it is much easier to click ‘Send’ on an e-mail, but despite my best efforts about half the Newsletter recipients are still snail-mail).

Continue reading “Plain English? – never heard of it!”