The perils of the internet and e-mail

A few posts ago I was talking about the opportunities and threats of “Social Media”. Since then I have seen a few more examples.

fact or not

So firstly treat what you read with a pinch of salt (as you should anything you read unless you know you can trust the source). This (on the right) is a post that has been going around on Facebook. Now while I sympathise with the sentiments it is neither a “Fact” nor “Legal” and I am sure that no-one would be taken in by this. But a slightly less outlandish statement and a gullible person . . . well who knows. Continue reading “The perils of the internet and e-mail”

Do you remember . . .

. . . life before social media? I was surprised recently to get a “reminder” from Facebook that showed that I had been using it for ten years! If you had asked me I would probably have said ‘about five years’ although if I thought about it I would have realised it was longer, but ten years!!! Continue reading “Do you remember . . .”