Do you remember . . .

. . . life before social media? I was surprised recently to get a “reminder” from Facebook that showed that I had been using it for ten years! If you had asked me I would probably have said ‘about five years’ although if I thought about it I would have realised it was longer, but ten years!!! Continue reading “Do you remember . . .”

Carpe Annum

In comparison to 2016, with its diagnosis, chemotherapy and a few weeks holiday in the North East and Scotland, 2017 seems to have slipped into obscurity almost unnoticed. In fact things happened but not in the same way. There were milestones (in July it was 18 months from diagnosis when I was told that without treatment I had got 18 months; I got a certificate congratulating me for being in an Institution for 50 years; a 70th Birthday Party) and other activities that I have only alluded to in this blog. Continue reading “Carpe Annum”