From larks to in-boxes

The other morning I took the dog for a walk along a path I hadn’t been along before even though it is only round the corner. We have to enjoy these paths while we can before they dump a load of houses on them – as if we weren’t crowded enough already. Population density in the South East at 400 people/square kilometre is already highest in the UK and nearly four times the density of France (and 40 times the USA)! But back to my walk. Continue reading “From larks to in-boxes”

“You don’t feel your usual peachy self”

That is how my sister-in-law described being on chemotherapy – not ill but not your usual peachy self. She had a different regime to me with weekly doses then a gap and then the same cycle again (more a Matterhorn than my Ben Nevis to use my earlier analogy). At one time there was just a pretty standard dose for all cancers but now it is fine-tuned to the cancer, where it’s at and to the patient. The dose is calculated on the individual’s surface area (estimated from height and weight)! Continue reading ““You don’t feel your usual peachy self””