Since I retired I have given talks on a variety of topics to a number of local (and not so local) organisations such as U3As and WIs and have turned two of these talks into books.  I have donated any speaker fees or profits from selling books to charity. So far the following have benefited:


I have given talks on the following subjects: Antarctic exploration, visiting the Antarctic Peninsula, on safari in Tanzania, in search of cetaceans, notes from a Wildlife rescuer, Oxford connections, Monks to Motors and the ‘two sides’ of Australia. Further detail can be found here:  Talks by Tim Addison 2017.


Furthest South

three books

Copies can be obtained either as hardcopy or as an e-book from Blurb or contact me. The first part of the book can be read on Blurb free as a taster.

Notes from a wildlife rescuer (“I wonder if you could help with a swan stuck in ice”)

wildlife book

Every year in the UK thousands of animals (and birds) are injured or orphaned and need our help. They may need veterinary care or just “bed and board” with the aim of getting them fit and well enough to be released. Many of the injuries we have dealt with are man inflicted, whether it is a badger that has been hit by a car, a swan entangled in fishing line or a deer that has been attacked by a dog or caught on a fence. These notes are not an exhaustive guide to wildlife rescue or a list of the risks (to the rescuer or the injured animal) but rather are intended to give an indication of what is involved and what can happen with some of the animals and birds that need our help. I have described our approach to rescuing larger animals (and birds) and included anecdotes about some of our 1,200 rescues to give a flavour of what can happen. I do not cover what happens once the injured animal gets to the wildlife hospital or Veterinary Surgery – others have already done that better than I could.

Copies can be obtained either as hardcopy or as an e-book from Blurb or contact me. The first part of the book can be read on Blurb free as a taster.

What they say:

Furthest South (talk)

So a very big thank you for travelling so far to deliver your talk yesterday. I was so impressed by your presentation, depth of knowledge of the subject and the way you made it seem so interesting . Many members commented on their enjoyment of your talk and it was good to see so many attend especially the male members! . . . many members told me how much they had enjoyed listening to you. Hungerford U3A

Furthest South (book)

Hi Tim, thanks again for the book. It was a very interesting and informative read. Very easy to read as well and I enjoyed reading of your personal experience of Antarctica. They were a special breed, those early explorers and it is true that they were more isolated than the lunar astronauts. psatozero (blogger)

In Search of Cetaceans (Talk)

It was a pleasure to welcome back Tim Addison, one of our longer serving members, who gave us a wonderful talk “In Search of Cetaceans”. Tim described his world travels searching for whales, dolphins and seals, his journeys taking him around the British Isles, Antarctica, and Western Australia. A most interesting and educational presentation illustrated with superb slides. Thank you Tim for reminding us of these beautiful creatures and why we should ensure their survival. Princes Risborough U3A.

The two sides of Australia (Talk)

Just wanted to say thank you for today’s talk. Clearly a popular event which went down very well. Princes Risborough U3A Travel Group

Monks to Motors (Talk)

Firstly I would like to thank you on behalf of the club for a excellent presentation which was clearly well received on the day and from the comments that I have received since. We were very much aware of the work and skill that had gone into achieving such a informative, coordinated ,attractive and entertaining presentation. All completed without reference to the notes. PRHFMC

Notes from a wildlife rescuer (book)

Anyone with an interest in British Wildlife will find this a very enjoyable read. Dennis L